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Reichstagsreden online dating

WOLF Gustav Wolf, Einfuhrung in das Studium der neueren Geschichte (Berlin, 1910). EEC Bibliotheque de VEcole des Chartes (Paris, 1839- ). The politics and wars of the Reformation era curiously promoted and facilitated this new interest in history by throwing into the light thousands of documents and other manuscript materials hitherto inac- cessible and unknown. The intellectual atmosphere of the new age is analyzed and interpreted in the admirable work of Paul Hazard, La crise de la conscience europeenne, 1680-1715 (Paris, 1935, 3 v.).

Wegele, Geschichte der deutschen Histo- riographie seit dem Auftreten des Humanismus (Mu- nich and Leipzig, 1885). ASMP Seances et Travaux de TAcademie des Sciences Morales et Politiques (Paris, 1842- ). 2 The responsibility of replying to the Magdeburg Centuries and the Protestant historical school was entrusted by the papacy to Cardinal Baronius (1538-1605), the first volume of whose Annales ecclesiastici was issued from the Vatican press in 1588 a significant year!

The volumes were published without prolegom- ena or notes. In 1560 he published the first book of his great work, Recherches de la France, a series of antiquarian and historical studies, the most remarkable of which deal with the history of the Grands Jours, an institution which fell into decay in the next century.

FDG Forschungen zur deutschen Geschichte (Gottingen, 1862- 86, 26 v.). FQR Foreign Quarterly Review (London, 1827-47, 38 v.). NAR North American Review (Boston, 1815-77, New York, 1878- ). RCC Revue des Cours et Conferences (Paris, 1893- ). 1600-1750) 1 MODERN historical scholarship had its inception in the Ref- ormation and Counter-Reformation.Q07.1 T46h v.2 (Etig ftohltr SJthntry This Volume is for REFERENCE USE ONLY A History of Historical Writing THE MACMILLAN COMPANY NEW YORK. GUILLAND Antoine Guilland, Modern Germany and Her Historians, tr. HALPHEN Louis Halphen, L 1 Histoire en France depuis cent ans (Paris, 1914). SCHAUMKELL Ernst Schaumkell, Geschichte der deutschen Kultur- geschichtschreibung von der Mitte des 18. SMITH Preserved Smith, History of Modern Culture (New York, 1930-34, 2 v.). The best brief accounts are found in FUETER, 381-410, with excellent bibliographies, cp. iii-vii; Auguste Molinier, Les sources de I'histoire de France des origines aux guerres d'ltalie, 1494 (Paris, 1901-06, 6 v.), V, pp. 3 Manuscripts from Corbie and Fleury found their way into the libraries of De Thou, Pithou, Duchesne, and other French scholars of the sixteenth century.BOSTON CHICAGO DALLAS ATLANTA SAN FRANCISCO MACMILLAN AND CO., LIMITED LONDON BOMBAY CALCUTTA MADRAS MELBOURNE THE MACMILLAN COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED TORONTO A HISTORY Oi 1 HISTORICAL WRITING VOLUME II The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries by James V^estfall Thompson, SIDNEY HEIXMAN EHRMAN PROFESSOR OF EUROPEAN HISTORY (EMERITUS), THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA with the collaboration of Bernard J. THE EMERGENCE OF ROMANTICISM 132 BOOK VII THE FOUNDING OF MODERN GERMAN HISTORICAL SCHOLARSHIP XLI. ENGLISH HISTORIANS OF THE EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY 280 XLVII. THE OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE SCHOOLS OF HISTORY 309 XLIX. GERMAN HISTORIANS OF ENGLAND 345 BOOK IX HISTORIANS OF INSTITUTIONS LI. EASTERN EUROPE AND THE BALKANS .................... 624 INDEX .......................................................... 649 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS Note: In order to conserve space in the extensive footnotes the following system of abbreviations has been adopted. vii Vlll LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS HISTOIRE ET Histoire et historiens depuis cinquante ans; methodes, HISTORIENS organisation et resultats du travail historique de 1876 a 1926, a survey by more than two score scholars for the fiftieth anniversary of the Revue Historique (Paris, 1927, 2 v.: Bibliotheque de la Revue Historique). Sandys, A History of Classical Scholarship (Cam- bridge, vols. This condition was continued into the seven- teenth century.GIBBON Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. New times, new interests, new conditions of scholarship, new scholars. The initiative was taken by Pierre Pithou (1539-96), of a distinguished family of French legists, a friend of the historian De Thou, who with him shared the glory of historical scholarship in the reign of Henry IV, He edited and published the works of Salvian, Paul the Deacon, and Otto of Freising, and the Capitularies of Charlemagne, Louis the Pious, and Charles the Bald. The literature is almost wholly of a monographic or periodical character. The libraries of the new Protestant universities in Germany in the six- teenth century were almost wholly formed out of the loot of the monas- teries.

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Geschichte der Buchersammler und ihrer Samm- lungen (Leipzig, 1922, 3 v.), Ill, 113-19.

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