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That sounded like like some kind of fight out there.” Charley watched closely as the woman spoke now, clearly interested in what was going on, but the woman looked away and she couldn’t see her eyes any longer.When the man got to them, he sat down heavily on the sand.

So, Word Press is having difficulty digesting a post so (!!!Still, more than anything else in her world, she loved it when he rubbed her ears.That feeling, she’d heard him say more than once, was the unshelled nuts…the very best thing there was.She came to the woman, sat and leaned into her body – as if to help hold her grief in check.The woman leaned into Charley too, and put an arm around her, then began crying deeply, indeed, almost uncontrollably.

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Charley slipped free of the woman and went to his side; she leaned into him as if re-establishing a physical connection and concentrated on his beating heart while she listened to him breathe.