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Live sex chat listen

But even so, that doesn’t mean old reruns of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” are your only option when it comes to entertainment—some of the best podcasts out there are run for women, by women, and they are totally binge-worthy.There are pretty amazing women hosting their own podcasts right now, offering inspiration and advice on love, sex, career, friendship, and everything else that matters to the modern female.If you want to end the year on a high note and start 2016 with loads of motivation—or simply get yourself out of a rut—Magic Lessons will get you excited about your own potential.was adopted for the big screen, but Cheryl Strayed was doling out her particular brand of hard-earned wisdom well before Reese Witherspoon decided to serve as its mouthpiece.We all have our thoughts on pop culture, but few approach the world’s daily musings with the same fresh, on-point, and playful perspective as husband and wife Patrick and Franchesca Ramsey (you may recognize her as the host of the MTV webseries “MTV: Decoded”).

The conversation is simultaneously hilarious, sharp, and intricate.Entrepreneurs Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel started this conversational series to provide women with the information they need to establish a successful business of their own, but it delves well beyond the boardroom.Yes, there are discussions about networking, but also maintaining life-long friendships, surviving hardships, and creating a life you can be passionate and excited about.That's the consensus of what KWSN's John Gaskins, football blogger Dominique Clare, and News news director Todd Epp think.So, in that parallel universe, the Vikes win this weekend!

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