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Similarly, provisions of the Children’s Act criminalize various forms of child trafficking, subject to fines or imprisonment of both.

Sections 57 of the 2009 Children’s Act makes it a crime to induce, coerce or encourage a child to engage in prostitution, subject to two to five years imprisonment and/or a fine of 50,000 pula (,685).

The government encouraged victims to assist in the investigation and prosecution of traffickers by providing housing and food throughout the period of investigation.

All trafficking victims voluntarily provided written testimony as evidence.

In June 2016, the Ministry of Defense, Justice, and Security (MDJS) and a consortium of international organizations and donors hosted a course for trainers of criminal justice practitioners and law enforcement on employing a victim-centered approach in investigations and prosecutions.

The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) appealed the sentence to seek a more stringent penalty; the appeal was pending at the close of the reporting period.

The DPP established a specialized anti-trafficking unit and appointed two trained focal points, one law enforcement officer and one prosecutor, to monitor the investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases.

Section 114 of the Children’s Act makes it a crime to abduct or sell any child or to use any child to beg, subject to a fine of between 30,000 (,811) and 50,000 pula (,685), imprisonment of five to 15 years, or both.

The government investigated 12 trafficking cases and prosecuted 18 defendants under the 2014 Act, compared with five investigations and seven prosecutions in the previous reporting period.

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The government also identified more victims of trafficking, established a specialized anti-trafficking unit, and appointed two officials, trained on human trafficking, to monitor the investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases.

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